16G Lancer Turbo Kit
Parts Needed for a custom turbo kit:
Evo 8 16G Turbo

This is considered one of the best turbo's for the lancer. It has a quick spool up time and is still able to run efficiently at relatively low boost.

Used 16G turbo's are pretty easy to find. A lot of Evo owners will upgrade to a bigger turbo and want to sell their old one. Check out the "for sale" sections in various mitsubishi forums like EvolutionM.net. Also keep an eye out on Ebay, you will sometimes find low mileage 16G's at a decent price. As always, be careful when purchasing car parts from Ebay, as there are many scammers out there.
Also a 10.5 hotside from an Evo9 is a great upgrade if you can find one at a good price.

16G turbocharger
16G - 4G94 Manifold

Contact us for details on purchasing a custom made 4G94 turbo manifold for use with a 16g turbo.

Alternatively, you can custom weld your own, or use a 4G94 flange and weld it onto an aftermarket 4G63 manifold.

Any 3" Evo aftermarket downpipe will fit on a lancer turbo setup. Some of your options will include the following:
Megan Racing

Also if you want to save cash a used stock Evo downpipe will work.
With both options you will have to custom weld an extra 12" of piping to make them work
Wastegate Actuator

The easiest actuator to use for a Lancer turbo setup is the Forge Adjustable Wastegage Actuator. However you must use a smaller spring, so you can run low boost safely on stock internals.

Evo 8 Turbo Actuator


There are a lot of options for intercoolers on the lancer. Bascially you can put any size that will fit. Here are a couple for you to use
Mishimoto Z-Line Intercooler
Mishimotor G-Line Intercooler

The easiest is to find is the stock Evo intercooler, which is a direct fitment. However it does require removal of the front crash bar. So if you don't want to do that, you may consider finding a smaller intercooler.
forge wastegate actuator
megan racing evo 3" downpipe
Intercooler Piping

Stock Evo Intercooler piping is your most affordable option and is a direct bolt up on a manual transmission. For an automatic you will need to modify the piping to fit.
Alternatively you can have custom piping made.

It is reccomended that you upgrade your stock injectors when going turbo. This will keep you from leaning out and blowing up your engine.

Speed Corps now has an injector solution. Contact us for details.

Stock 2002 Subaru WRX 440cc injectors are also a direct fitment on the lancer, and require no modification. These are available used on various Subaru forums, or new from a Subaru dealership
Blow Off Valve (BOV)

Greddy BOV

Stock Evo BOV's are pretty easy to come by at a decent price, and are a good option when on a budget.
Our mission is to provide you with the means to put together an awesome turbo kit that will produce real horsepower without having to sell your kidney. We will show you which parts you need to buy new and also the parts you can buy used to save you money.
Greddy Blow Of Valve BOV

AEM Standalone

With the increased amount of air and fuel now going into the engine, you will need to adjust your fuel curves and tune the engine to make use of your turbo. The 2 best options for tunning a turbo are a piggyback system, or a standalone. For those on a budget, the SAFC piggyback is the way to go. It will allow you to adjust the signal going to the stock ECU and give a good tune. However a piggyback will require splicing into the ECU wiring, and also has a limit to how far you can go.

By far the greatest method of tuning is to use a Standalone ECU. This will replace your stock ECU completely and allow full unlimited tuning. With the standalone you will be able to adjust the fuel, timing and much more.
Fuel Pump

WALBRO Fuel Pump

In order to get more fuel to match the increased air you are going to need a larger fuel pump. The stock lancer pump just isn't powerful enough to get the needed amount of fuel into the engine.
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walbro 255 fuel pump
4g94 turbo manifold 16G
mishimoto intercooler
mishimoto intercooler
WRX injectors
Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR)

Aeromotive FPR

Also needed to push the extra fuel into the engine in order to match the increase in air
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR
OBX Turbo Oil Lines
Oil feed line
OBX Racing

For the return line you will need to find one from an Evo, either new or used. The line will need to be modified slightly and the pan tapped.